Rhonda Withnell and Don Bradshaw - "Once Was" - CD

David Ward at CKUA Radio says "A tour-de-force. An acoustic bass and a voice, that's it. But prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by the power, intimacy, and the delightful twists and turns of this beautiful musical conversation between two friends."

From Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal "...every note can take on greater power or significance when really gifted artists work within an economical soundscape. Bradshaw's rich, rounded bass tone and inventive approach to the strings offer a superb foil the stirring emotional depths of Withnell's vibrant vocal cords and articulate phrasing..."

Mobius - "Served!" - CD

Möbius is Bill Damur (flute), Don Ehret (guitars), Dan Skakun (drums) and Don Bradshaw (basses). All the Möbians write for the band, and anything goes. It’s jazz, but it’s also rock-, folk-, and classical-influenced. But it always ends up sounding like Möbius '" in other words, unique.

“Served” takes the listener on twists and turns through a sonic landscape that always has something different just around the corner...